Updating roster on madden 09 ps3

Will it add rookies to the game that were not in it in 08 (ie this year's new draft class)? I just went online and downloaded the rosters and saved them.

Then when I went to the main menu and view rostors they were still out of date.

However, The good news is everybody can still play NCAA Football 11 with all of the real players names.

Just head on over to and use one of the rosters that the community has provided.

The Madden 10 PS2 roster is the base EA roster release from week 3 updated to 9/23/09 it is available for download here. Now to get down to business my plan as it stands right now is to wait until EA releases an official roster update.

Stephen Totilo reports: "Quarterback Brett Favre will be available to play as a New York Jet on the day "Madden NFL '09" is released next week.

I know the Pennington release is still kind of new but Jones has been cut from the Lions since early 08. People buy the newest version a lot of times for updated rosters alone.

Drops could have cost Panthers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., who saw his rating go from 82 to 81. "It's been decided," the EA Sports website said of Anderson. While it was a defensive battle between both teams, the one bright spot for the Broncos' offense would have to been C. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton owns a 98 overall rating. Watt, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski also have 99 overall ratings.

Defensive tackle Kawann Short's rating went from 96 to 95. Click here for the complete Madden NFL 16 end of season roster update in spreadsheet form.

I've seen in a few threads that Madden 08 (not the newly released 09) will be updating rosters throughout this year.

So if I go run a roster update for my 08 will it also update player ratings?

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This Thursday my beloved PS3 contracted the infamous YLOD (Yellow Light of Death).

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