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One of the most hotly contested provisions in a lease is the common area maintenance (CAM) clause…and for good reason!CAM charges can be a substantial portion of the total "rent" paid by a tenant, and the expenses included in (or excluded from) CAM charges can make-or-break the economics of the deal for both landlord and tenant.In this case, the NNN fee or CAM charges will be the owners actual cost of running the building and typically includes taxes, insurance and maintenance.Utilities are paid by the tenant based on actual use.This fee is usually charged on a monthly basis and is usually in addition with the monthly rent payment.Each tenant is responsible for their proportionate share percentage of the property.

He said Javaherian admitted to putting the cameras in the bathroom for more than seven months, and admitted to taking the videos home to watch them.This CAM fee is above and in addition to the Base Rent fee.This information is usually discussed and confirmed on the first page of your lease document.A landlord can reasonably argue that the cost of putting a new membrane on a center's roof should be included in CAM charges because the tenants are benefitting from the use of a building component with a limited life expectancy.On the other hand, a tenant could just as reasonably argue that replacing the roof joists are not properly included in CAM charges because the roof joists are a structural component that is normally a Landlord capital upkeep obligation and should be covered by Landlord's capital investment in the property.

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