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I may at a later time attempt to go into a detailed discussion of mono/poly relationships.

Today I want to at least briefly address abuse in mono/poly relationships, and the difference between abuse, boundaries, and incompatibilities.

The comment is filled with pain and the commenter is seeking answers.

I was about to write a reply in the comment section, but realized that the best way to serve this hurting individual was to dedicate an entire blog post to this person’s question.

I thought we were happy and good together, and then I get his handed to me.

He doesn’t want to lose what he has, but it isn’t enough to keep him happy.

I mean, how many of you mostly know mono as a kissing disease?This wasn’t for, you know, a few days, or even a week.I’m talking multiple weeks in a row where she was nowhere to be found.I guess I’m not good enough or exciting enough for him to want to be faithful to me.I’ve known some couples where one spouse can’t remain faithful, but the other still loves them and doesn’t want to leave.

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