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Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, has a charming aura and is known for her intelligence and grace.We have seen her take an honest stand on various issues always putting forth her point assertively.Yes, I’m First Lady, but I know the struggles.” On her own role models growing up: “They were the people in my life. because, truly, children connect with who is in their lives, present and accounted for. That’s why we’re trying to encourage moms, teachers, fathers, to be that presence in their children’s lives, in their communities, because it really makes a difference.” On putting herself second: “I’ve always had my mom. So, now, with all the support around me as First Lady, I feel like this is easier than when I was back in Chicago.When I was little, I wanted to be a mother, because that’s who I saw. I have always tried to put my kids first, and then…put myself a really close second, as opposed to fifth or seventh.

"We have been told to live by a certain mold, especially women, and it’s time to break it. Stop waiting for men to do that, look in the mirror and see yourself and say, ' I am sexy, I am attractive, I am smart, I am intelligent, I am powerful.I see how little bits of exposure and big bits of exposure really change my girls significantly, and I want that for more girls around the country and the world." Despite her new life in the spotlight, Michelle maintains that the most important role models in a child's life are the people they know -- not movie stars they idolize. Michelle Obama has been christened Woman of the Year and America’s First Lady is giving relationship advice to the single ladies. I have a voice, I look cute in these jeans.' …That’s up to us. We can’t have boys designate that for us anymore." PHOTOS: Celebrity CEOs and entrepreneurs -- read their advice Obama, 51, then chimed in."Let’s be clear: You don’t want to be with a boy that’s too stupid to know," she said as the room erupted into cheers.

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And when it comes to advising about love and relationships, she proved that no one can beat her here either.

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