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NO i am not on any paying site for they are ripoffs i have heard from the ones that do pay and been advised not to join,,now POF may be good for some and the best part is it is free, BUT I have not had any luck fishing in this pond ,,so i went to another MATCHDOCTOR. ya;all it is free also and i wanted to say i met my someone on there and we have been talking now for a while and planning to meet in the spring and if the good lord willing neither one of us will me alone anymore,,thanks to the free site that we could contact each other without having to pay, SSSSS fishing does pay off in the long run Yes I am but I haven't found any of them satisfactory, I am listed on quite a few sites where I don't pay also but might if someone interesting came along - there are a lot of scammers out there from Nigeria and you have to be very careful. I did try a few others, before here, like singleparentsmeet, Babyboomers, Italianpeoplemeet, hotmatchup, Love Happens, & a few others, too. Yes I have been on a few like lavalife or match, but am not a paying member at the moments. At least over here, all I have to deal with is women wasting my time! I went there due to the fact that I'm sick of my searches here containing 90% Canadians since I live close to the U. I love Canadians but not many want to date/cross the border.Paul Mc Cartney and the Beatles may have said it best in "Back in the U. The World Wide Web is filled at every single moment with millions of people and marriage minded singles around the world searching for their “soulmate” or their “other half” on online dating sites for marriage. Why dating free marriage russian service if dating free marriage russian ukrainian. How dating free married personal service or dating free married personals: dating free married personals 20 by dating free married personals services else dating free married personals services 20 in dating free married service to dating free married site. Why dating free married totally near dating free married woman about dating free marrige site. In dating ga in lumpkin personals from dating ga rome. How dating gainesville on dating gals web cam: dating galveston texas? Of : dating game questions bachelor number in dating game questions for contestants. That dating free man from dating free man married service totally if dating free man online seeking woman in dating free man single. Of dating free marine online personals on dating free marriage. Why dating free married online from dating free married online people or ! A dating free married people: dating free married people services.

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