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The song begins "Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind's elation." Kiedis says in his book Scar Tissue that he got the inspiration for the line from hearing a woman on a New Zealand street ranting about "psychic spies in China".

The track also makes references to topics such as pornography ("hardcore soft porn") and plastic surgery ("pay your surgeon very well to break the spell of aging") and even some pop culture references including Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain and David Bowie ("Cobain, can you hear the spheres singing songs off Station to Station?

SEE ALSO: K-pop girl group celebrates their plastic surgery with before-and-after music videos Photo: ACRUSH/WEIBOMost of the band's fans are predominantly female, with many calling the band members "husbands" — a term usually used to refer to famous male celebrities that they're crushing on."I love your style, who needs princess dresses or girly music?

This is the way to go," said one netizen on Weibo."You guys are really handsome.

In the five years to 2016, the number of Australian families travelling to snow resorts has increased by 178 per cent: There are 173 per cent more Australians going to Asian mountains, compared with 119 per cent to Europe. Hop on a flight to Harbin from Beijing, and take a train or shuttle to the resorts.

The song is mainly about the dark side of Hollywood and the export of culture through the movie industry.continue reading » She’s parlayed years of making films and having a well-established father in the industry (her dad is famed TV executive Stan Lathan) into a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to how she wants things to be done.I’ve been in the business for more than 20 years and I have a lot of experience and a point of view and a vision,” says Lathan.… By the time they're tweens, it's your favourite family holiday. (Photo by China Foto Press/China Foto Press via Getty Images) But, trust me, stick with it: each experience it gets easier.

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"All of this occurs before setting foot on the slopes.

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  1. But it hit me – ‘Oh, this is going to majorly f*** with your career now, not just your health.’” Lily adds, “I told my publicist that if I could snap my fingers and gain ten pounds right that second, I would give anything to do that.