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Bogdanovich also directed the thriller Targets (1968), the screwball comedy What's Up, Doc?(1972), the comedy-drama Paper Moon (1973) and the drama Mask (1985).#JC0449: Playboy, February 1992 #JC0450 Contents: Cover Story— Supermodel Rachel Williams; Reporter's Notebook: Putting Sex In It's Place—opinion, Robert Scheer; Viewpoint: Mixed Company—opinion, James R.Petersen; Playboy Interview: Liz Smith—candid conversation; Love In the Lean Years—fiction, Donald E. Playboy, March 1992 #JC0451 Contents: Cover Story— Vickie Smith; Playboy Interview: Lorne Michaels—candid conversation; The Creep, the Cop, His Wife & Her Lovers—article, Pat Jordan; The Obsessive Eye of Buce Weber—pictorial; Playboy's History of Jazz & Rock: Swing, Brother, Swing—article, David Standish; Fifteen Ways To Wear Khaki—fashion, Hollis Wayne; The Drug Wars: Voice from the Street—article, Tim Wells and William Triplett; Tylyn John—playboy's playmate of the month (Tylyn John); Vox—fiction, Nicholson Baker; The Dark Side of Winter—drink, Michael Jackson; Bonehead Quotes of the Year, Larry Engelmann; Vengeance from Space and the Texas Tomato—fiction, Michael Beres; Society Darlings—pictorial, text by Lang Phipps; 20 Questions: Forest Whitaker; plus regular features. Playboy, April 1992 #JC0452 Contents: Cover Story— Girls of the Big Eight; Reporter's Notebook: Pssst: Give Stone an Oscar—opinion, Robert Scheer; Playboy Interview: Johathan Kozol—candid conversation; Profit without Honor—profile, Joe Morgenstern; Double vision—pictorial; It Happened One Night—article, Harry Stein; Playboy Music 1992—survey; Very Old Bones—fiction, William Kennedy; Country Stock—payboy's playmate of the month (Cady Cantrell); Adventures In Cyberspace—article, Walter Lowe, Jr.; 20 Questions: Bobcat Goldthwait; Getting It At Home—modern living, Lawrence B.His most recent film, She's Funny That Way, was released in 2014.Bogdanovich was born in Kingston, New York, the son of Herma (née Robinson) (1904-???) and Borislav Bogdanovich (1899-1970), a painter and pianist.

Condition: Very Good, small gouge near bottom right on cover.By the end of the competition, many of the contestants say that they have learned much about interacting with people from a different social group (and positive lessons about the character of people from that group), positive things about themselves and their own character, and often something about human nature in general.After the airing of season 5, production has stopped and has been effectively cancelled.A number of low-budget, backwoods sexploitational films were produced in the early to mid-1970s, offering fairly explicit soft-core escapades with hillbilly characters, incest, lots of nudity (male and female genitals, although with no real closeups, penetration, or erections) and sex in the great outdoors, and an emphasis on stereotypical Southern accents and sensibilities.The most common of these types of trashy, low-budget, drive-in favorites with poor acting were produced by sleaze-merchant Harry Novak. It was co-written by film critic Roger Ebert as an unofficial sequel to Fox's Valley of the Dolls (1967) - based upon Jacqueline Susann's trashy novel.

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An obsessive cinema-goer, seeing up to 400 movies a year in his youth, Bogdanovich showcased the work of American directors such as Orson Welles and John Ford—whom he later wrote a book about, based on the notes he had produced for the Mo MA retrospective of the director—and Howard Hawks.

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