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Separator:Grid View 控制項中的分隔列。 '如果資料的類型是「資料列Data Row」,第一個儲存格文字改為粗體。 If e. Text & "" End If End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Deleting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. If not I'll try the suggestion below =) I was doing databinding in my Page_Load event and when I clicked "Update" the Post Back was done, so was the Page_Load event fired.Grid View was filled with the old values again, so in my Grid. Keys:取得欲刪除那筆資料的PK值。查看Data Key Names屬性,就可以知道PK值有那些。 'e. Row Index:目前要刪除這筆資料在Grid View中的索引值。注意,Index及PK是不同東西。Index指的是排序順序,另外Grid View有啟用分頁,假設每頁10筆,則第2頁第一筆資料的Row Index是0非10。 If e.

This solution provided in this article will be the best and probably the only way to make it all possible. Please help me with a sample source code on the above regards. Sort Expression = datatable.column[i].columnname Dont add header template. And implement gridview_sorting event.i want add dropdown and label inside the i add together it gives me error.

I'll try to address your question, but I'm also going through some of the other problems here.

Without seeing your markup, it's hard for me to tell if you've created .

It gets into the "On Row Updating" event just fine, but there are no New Values or Old Values. Regarding on the Grid View control's Row Updating event problem, it is the expected behavior because when we do not associate Grid View(or other ASP.

NET 2.0 databound control) with Data Source control, it won't automatically query and fill the parameters collection of the updating/deleting/... In such cases, we need to manually extract the field values from the Template control. In that case you can do it using the Extract Values From Cell method to make the New Values collection yourself.

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To make the Grid View simultaneously an operational one, we need to template it dynamically which also requires dynamically generated queries for corresponding operations according to the Grid View's data source. Hi, I have followed your codes, but once I click on the Edit button, event on Row Edit of gridview doesn't fire at all. when i update one row then only updated rows display in gridview, at the same time datatable have all rows present what is problem pls give me soln on [email protected],given that you made an amazing work im having problem updating a record with boolean value. However i had to fit the code to work with Odbc should i change the values for true/false?

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